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MJ Executive Consulting founder & CEO Mary Jo Richards has more than 30 years experience starting, leading, and growing businesses and organizations. She not only runs her own business, but she also helps other business owners, nonprofits and individuals navigate their challenges through to prosperity.

At MJ Executive Consulting, we work with you to truly understand your business needs and goals to develop a plan and actionable goals you can implement on your own or with our professional guidance. If you need help planning, growing or leading your business or nonprofit, contact Mary Jo for your free consultation today and see how we can help you and your organization grow.

Mary Jo is a problem solver. Through her quick study of issues and analysis of the situation and details, she crafts pragmatic solutions. I know her to be a professional asset for nonprofits, medical/oncology societies and small businesses. Mary Jo doesn't just simply coach organizations from issues to positive results, she does so by facilitating strategy development to correct concerns and enhance goals and objectives. Mary Jo further aides companies by tailoring a comprehensive audit plan to keep teams on a success continuum.

- Existing Client and Small Business Owner

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You simply need the willingness to take ownership of your success path. We have the unique, first-hand knowledge and experience to realize your full potential. 

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