Dr. Chuck Jackson

Dr. Chuck Jackson - The Speaker You'll Never Forget


Dr. Chuck Jackson - The Speaker You'll Never Forget

A Serious Message.
An Entertaining Style.

Ever had a motivational speaker for your group who - appeals to everyone, seizes the audience’s attention, brings them from laughter to tears, all in a serious but fascinating message?

When he takes the stage clad in bib overalls, starched dress shirt and tie, his audiences immediately know they are in for an exciting experience. For over 25 years, Dr. Chuck Jackson has delighted and inspired thousands of attendees at conventions, conferences and workshops. He uses large doses of humor, audience participation, video clips and colorful props to deliver a message that is both entertaining and memorable. No venue is too large or too small as he has made presentations from boardrooms to ballrooms throughout the US and Canada.   

“Entertrainment” -- It’s what I do when I speak. I use laughter to create memory glue which helps an important thought “stick” with my audience."

- Dr. Chuck Jackson

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About Chuck Jackson

Chuck’s professional career began in 1974 as a public school educator. Upon the completion of his B.S. degree in Elementary Education, he was assigned to inner city schools where his ability to encourage and motivate young learners brought him early recognition. 

His concern for the emotional well-being of his students caused Chuck to pursue a master's degree in Guidance and Counseling, granted by the University of Tulsa in 1977. This course of study culminated in a three year term of service as an elementary school guidance counselor in one of Tulsa's fine magnet school programs.

After a one year assignment as an assistant principal, Chuck received an appointment as one of the youngest principals in the history of the Tulsa school system.  During his six year tenure as a school administrator, Dr. Jackson was known as a progressive leader.  His school's efforts to pioneer programs in early childhood education, individualized learning, computer literacy, collaborative study, and whole language instruction resulted in its recognition as one of eight outstanding elementary schools in the state. 

Chuck holds a doctorate in counseling psychology granted by the University of Tulsa in 1993. 

Upon the completion of this degree he formed his consulting firm, Human Factor Services, which offers presentations on motivation, communication, management, parenting, and teacher effectiveness.

Chuck draws on his professional experience as an educator, counselor and pastor to deliver meaningful content to corporate, government, educational and church audiences.  A participant once observed: “Rare is the presenter that can move you from laughter to tears and back again.” 

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Dr. Chuck Jackson - The Speaker You'll Never ForgetSpeaking Topics

  • Motivation
  • Leadership
  • Team Building
  • Burnout Prevention

Program Titles

  • The Power of the Positive
  • Are You On Fire or Just Plain Burnt Out?
  • I Am Their Leader, Which Way Did They Go?
  • Stoking the Fire Within
  • The Family: A Launching Pad for Life
  • The Art of Putting Heart in Your Teaching

Chuck Retreat Facilitator

  • Designs and leads group experiences for management teams

Strategic Planning Consultant

  • Assists groups with self-assessment and goal setting

Previously Presented to:

  • Alabama Cancer Congress
  • American Dental Association
  • University of Utah School on Alcoholism
  • Oklahoma Department of Transportation
  • Oklahoma Realtors Association
  • University of Tulsa
  • Colorado Department of Corrections
  • Saint Francis Hospital
  • National PTA
  • Tulsa Public Schools
  • United States of America Veteran’s Administration



Chuck Jackson’s presentation was moving and insightful.  I laughed and cried and came away with a renewed sense of self. “To help others you must first help yourself”. 

– Jamie McKnight 

I thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Jackson’s presentation this afternoon.  He certainly livened things up!  His message reminded me to be more positive.  I really have a lot to be grateful for.

– Dayna Barnes 

Chuck Jackson’s talk was both serious and entertaining.  He used some interesting object lessons.  I can’t wait to use them on my kids! 

- Kimberly Mitchell

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