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John Ross, Jr's book, Cover Your A$$ets: Asset Management at Your Place and at Your Pace by Industrial Press is now available at:

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The Reliability Strategy Workshop utilizes this workbook and is taught by this author.  There are  5 public classes across the country scheduled for 2019 plus a number of private classes at different manufacturers.    Register now at

John Ross, Jr.

Simplifying the Complex
for Organization Success

John combines passion, pragmatism, and humor that confidently captures an audience’s attention. John is a globally renowned author and public speaker, educating and entertaining others on equipment reliability and maintainability.

John speaks with the authority only experience can provide on building visions, missions, and goals. He has created unique tools and a style of delivery that compels groups to move forward with process development and attaining greater results.

John is an expert on proactive maintenance, organizational design, and maintenance spare parts practices.

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About John L. Ross, Jr., PhD

John L. Ross, Jr is a former Captain in the United States Air Force, a Distinguished Graduate of both the Aircraft Maintenance Officer School and the Squadron Officer’s School. John is a Gulf War veteran and a former commander of the F-111F Field Training Detachment.  John has been recognized as a distinguished public speaker, technical writer, and presenter. He is a former college instructor, having taught 7 semesters of undergraduate and 3 semesters of graduate classes. John is a charter member of the Lake Huron Toast Masters Association. John is a published author, and was acknowledged in Dale Brown’s fiction work, Chains of Command, for providing exceptional technical support.  John’s military and civilian career have taken him to all 50 U.S. states, 26 foreign countries and 5 continents. 

John is the President of the international reliability consulting company, Maintenance Innovators, Inc., and the sole proprietor of State Line Group, LLC.  Both are Kansas City, KS based companies.  John proudly serves as a Senior Consultant with the widely renowned, Raleigh, NC based Marshall Institute.  The Marshall Institute is the global thought leader in equipment reliability.  John is honored to be the leader of Marshall Institute’s Materials Management business which includes storerooms, purchasing, supply chain management, and strategic sourcing.  In this capacity, John is the creator of the well-publicized Storeroom Map, Storeroom Potential Savings Calculator, and the Stock-Don’t Stock Decision Map.  As a Senior Consultant, John also serves as the principal instructor for the North Carolina State University’s Maintenance and Reliability Management diploma series.

John is the seasoned author of 12 magazine publications on the subject of reliability as well as hosting webinars, podcasts, and authoring 15 blogs. His latest article in MaintWorld is "An Asset's Potential of Reliability" at

John’s industrial experience includes:  aviation, aeronautics, manufacturing, transportation, marine, food manufacturing, mining, facilities maintenance, utilities, power generation and distribution, oil, gas, ethanol, and natural gas.  John is a certified Lean Manufacturing facilitator, Process Safety Management SME, and a CMRP.  John holds a U.S. Patent, an A.S., B.S., M.S. and Ph.D.

John Ross, Jr speaking to a groupSpeaking Topics: 

  • Leadership
  • Training
  • Asset Management
  • Reliability
  • Manufacturing
  • Maintenance
  • Supervisor Training

Previously Presented to:

  • IMC Annual Conference
  • Smithfield Foods Annual Engineering Conference
  • Keynote Speaker at the Micromain Annual User’s Conference
  • SMRP Annual Conference
  • The Annual Poultry Protein Seminar


"John is a quintessential reliability “teaching” consultant who mixes value added material, subject matter knowledge, anecdotal stories related to the subject, and humor, together into attention riveting speech. I have personally worked in the reliability field for the past 38 years, traveled and taught globally, and can vouch that John is one of the best I have ever worked with and learned from. He has a natural ability to take probing questions or tight situations and turn them into clarifying teaching moments."

- Michael R Nelson, Asset Management Director 
Schreier Industrial Services

“Dr. Ross’ mastery of Maintenance and Reliability Strategies allows him to communicate these complicated ideas in a style and manner that are easily comprehended and retained. This has given me the ability to successfully and seamlessly implement M&R processes versus just having theoretical knowledge of their uses. I look forward to continuing my educational journey of M&R with the guidance and teachings of Dr. Ross.”

- Brian Peeler, Maintenance Supervisor, CMRP
Thomas Built Buses, Inc.


"He is often asked for by name because of his favorable reputation within the maintenance and reliability community. John really has a way of connecting with people and bringing his knowledge and interactive skills together achieving meaningful and valuable results. The best compliment I have ever received in my new role as a consultant came from a client who had previously worked with John, saying I was in the same class as John Ross. I consider that a great honor! I deeply appreciate John’s leadership and friendship. I highly recommend John Ross to anyone looking for success and results in their equipment reliability improvement initiatives."

Gary Rigdon


"In my journey to become a Reliability professional, I had the pleasure of getting to know John Ross. He really sparked something in me that had laid dormant for a while through his high energy presentation style. Over time I have learned a lot from John and continue to do so. I believe he has really been an influential guide in my growth and understanding in my profession."

- Steve Baumgartner, CMRP, CRL, CPMM

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